American Liberty Cap™ (Phrygian Cap)


(The) We The People PLAN is "bringing back" one of history's most venerated symbols of liberty...

Announcing The American Liberty Cap™... a simple red "bonnet", with the top pointed forward. According to Wikipedia, a liberty cap is "a brimless felt cap, such as the Phrygian cap or pileus, emblematic of a slave's manumission in the Ancient World." (1) And, "The Phrygian cap is a soft, red, conical cap with the top pulled forward, worn in antiquity by the inhabitants of Phrygia, a region of central Anatolia. In artistic representations it signifies freedom and the pursuit of liberty — perhaps by a confusion with the pileus, the manumitted slave's felt cap of ancient Rome — and is sometimes called a liberty cap. (2)
Worn by "freed slaves who gained their freedom" during the Roman Empire, the liberty cap has become a symbol of "freedom found" and was worn and/or held aloft during the Revolutionary War to trumpet "liberty".
The "liberty cap", known officially as the "Phrygian Cap", has long been considered a "badge of liberty" and has a rich tradition which can be found on numerous symbols of American Democracy.
"The Phrygian cap has been used to symbolize liberty in numerous countries of the Americas. For example, an effigy of "Liberty" was shown holding the Liberty Pole and Phrygian cap on some early United States of America coinage (including, but in no way limited to, the Seated Liberty Coin; for more coins featuring the Phyrgian Cap, PLEASE FOLLOW THE LINKS AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS COLUMN*). In addition, below are two grand displays of the Liberty Cap: in the first image, the Liberty Cap is depicted in the official seal of the United States Senate. In the second image, we see that since 1778, the U.S. Army has utilized a 'War Office Seal' in which the motto 'This We'll Defend' is displayed directly over a Phrygian cap on an upturned sword. The Liberty Cap also appears on the state flags of West Virginia, New Jersey, and New York, the state of North Carolina (as well as the arms of its Senate) and on the reverse side of the Seal of Virginia." Source: Wikipedia
*information in italics added to original quotation.


(The) We The People PLAN is extraordinarily proud to be associated with this unique testimony of "manumission". It is with great joy that we remind our fellow-Americans of this very moving yet "lost" symbol of American Liberty.
(The) We The People PLAN American Liberty Cap™... I want one!

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The American Liberty Cap™
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The American Liberty Cap™  is an authentic reproduction based on historically accurate designs and a compilation of the various images of the Phrygian cap in vogue at the time of America's Revolutionary War. Don't be fooled by imitators.
This IS the OFFICIAL (The) We The People PLAN American Liberty Cap™ and it can ONLY be obtained directly from us HERE. 
Handmade in America of soft, pure,
to-care-for polyester red "fleece"
"...very nice. Has a teeny bit of stretch to it. Kinda fuzzy. Warm. Everybody loves fleece. Lots of fun hats are made of fleece."
Available in the following sizes:

Newborn 17 inches
Infant 18 inches
Small 19 inches
Medium 20 inches
Large 21 inches
Small 22 inches
Medium 23 inches
Large 24 inches
Extra-Large 25 inches
First, measure your head with a tape measure (don't hurt yourself - use one of those plastic/cloth ones designed for tailors/seamstresses, i.e. clothing designers NOT one of those metal ones designed for carpenters, etc. - and then:
American Liberty Cap
and we'll send you order information.
Note: Each American Liberty Cap™ is handmade and can not be returned or exchanged for health reasons; so make sure you measure that head of yours in inches before ordering! Of course I'm sure this goes without saying, but look at the cap above and pretend your head is made of styrofoam and measure the circumference of your own skull down around where the "base" of the cap would rest - somewhere near your eye brows or so in the front and depending upon how you like to wear your hat, either "just above your ears'" or "slightly over your ears" on the sides... look at yourself in the mirror, and measure at least twice to make sure you're doing it right... ALWAYS round up to the next size whenever your measurement includes a fraction of any size... for example: if your head measures 18 1/4" then you should order a SIZE 19; if your head measures a 21 5/8", then you should order a SIZE 22. Just remember the carpenter's rule: measure TWICE; cut ONCE. Thank you.

Note: (The) We The People PLAN is all too familiar with the behind the scenes shenanigans surrounding the original design and redesign of the Statue Of Freedom. We don't believe one word of the argument proffered by Jefferson Davis. As beautiful as the re-designed statue is that now stands tall on the Capitol Building, we remain partial to the original statue, bearing the Phrygian Cap.
Figure of Freedom With Liberty Cap Thomas Crawford [Second Design of Freedom Triumphant in War and Peace ,] 1855 Copyprint Architect of the Capitol (210)